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The popular wine writer Michael Apstein graciously delivers a pleasant and complimentary review of the proven consumer accepted Rosé of 2016 – Maison Belle Claire.

Maison Belle Claire Rosé, Côtes de Provence (France) 2015 ($18, Romano Brands Fine wines): Regular readers of know I’m not a great fan of Rosé — except when it has bubbles — often preferring a chilled light red wine instead.  But Maison Belle Claire’s 2015 caught my attention because it delivers more complexity than most rosé.  It may be the blend — roughly equal parts Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault — that imparts complexity and makes it come across like a light red wine.  Whatever it is, here is a Rosé with substance and the invigorating acidity that keeps it bright and fresh.  It’s a perfect choice for the classic salad Niçoise this summer.
90 points  Michael Apstein


Michael Apstein is a famous newspaper and magazine columnist,, James Beard Journalism Award (2000), James Beard Journalism Award Nominee (2004 & 2006) Follow Michael Apstein on Twitter: @MichaelApstein

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