Saint-Vincent is the traditional patron Saint of wine-growers.  The celebration of St. Vincent Day happened in Sancerre last week.

It is a tradition in the Sancerre which begins with a great Mass in the presence of the Bishop of Bourges. He blessed the winegrowers to protect them and help them in their task.

It was a great celebration offered by the beloved local Bishop, because this year had the exceptional assembly of all the “bâtonniers” from the thirteen Sancerre villages.

The “bâtonnier” is a member of the Saint-Vincent Fellowship who is honored to carry its staff and offers the new vintage wine to the guests. This year, the lead “bâtonnier” for the Saint-Vincent Fellowship was Catherine Corbeau MELLOT for the Domaine Joseph Mellot.

To be the featured bâtonnier is very prestigious and remains an extreme honor by all the wine producers in Sancerre.  This year has been so much more important due to the difficult vintage last year and the shortage of Sancerre.

Domain Joseph Mellot produces the world famous Cuvee Pierre Etienne Sancerre which remains the benchmark of the finest quality available in the world.

See Catherine Mellot as the honorable “bâtonnier”


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