rbi-logoRomano Brands & www.Sevenfifty.com – are making it easy to order wine!
479402_409955319030465_1923802836_oSevenfifty.com is a state-of-the-art, modern platform for the beverage alcohol trade.

Restaurants, bars, and fine wine retailers can easily search for our products and easily view our wholesale pricing.

Romano Brands Fine Wine customers can discover a trove of educational material about our products, including labels, tasting notes, and detailed pricing information that helps you learn more about our wines.

We understand how annoying it is to deal with applications and resale certificates when trying to set up a new account. We’ve rebuilt this process, and you’ll start working with Romano Brands Fine Wines easily.

Buyers will now be able to fill out all the information needed for an account application and resale certificate just once, then submit your application to any distributor with a single click. You’ll receive completed, electronically signed forms, with no scanning or faxing required.

This service is free but not available to the public – it is exclusive to the trade only.

For the public & trade: please see us at www.RomanoBrands.com

Exclusive for the Trade: join us at Sevenfifty at www.Sevenfifty.com

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