Romano Brands Fine Wines is proud to announce the upcoming arrival of the finest white wine offered from Spain: 2 AMIGOS Albariño D.O. Rias Baixas.

Hailing from the prized Rias Baixas area of the northwestern area of the Iberian Peninsula, 2 Amigos brand of Albariño is the story of two explorers, two world travelers and two great friends. This is the story of a journey…that thirty years of friendship made this project possible.

During all this time, these best of friends, Henri and Rob, have shared all types of personal and professional experiences, projects, successes as well as failures that have left their mark.

All of this has made them, and their friendship, what it is today. They wanted their 2 AMIGOS wine to stand out for its great quality and naturalness. They have taken advantage of the land that has been in their families for more than 300 years, remaining very conscious of the gift nature that has provided them the location of their vines, which together with the knowledge and experienced handed down, generation to generation of wine makers, has truly made 2 AMIGOS a wine treasure.


Each bottle of 2 AMIGOS exemplifies the history of several generations – the stories, memories, anecdotes, traditions that pass from grandparents to grandchildren as well as the secrets that the wine storage  barrels maintain after the passage of time. The origins, experience and vitality with which, to this day, continues to extract the most out of the fruits of the Galician land, lending 2 AMIGOS it’s unique, delightful  flavor and character.

2 AMIGOS Albariño wine belongs to the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin, made with local indigenous grape: Albariño. A natural and young wine, 2 AMIGOS should be enjoyed 1 to 3 years from the vintage date, while the fresh aromas of white peach, apricot, citrus and jasmine still prevail in a dry, lively, fruity place with a mineral finish of firm acidity.  However, please note that the wine can age pleasantly for an additional five years thereafter with proper cellaring.


Fine wine connoisseurs, wine aficionados, and everyday wine enthusiasts are aware that Albariño wine comes from Spain. It is the Galician area of Spain that continues to enjoy an image of being wine producing area that exudes fun, excitement, and an innovative style that is modern and yet traditional in superior quality. This area of Spain is viewed as producing products which offer good value and high quality. Consumers are looking for a safe wine adventure when trying a new wine, especially undiscovered regions or lesser known varietals. Another strong advantage for 2 AMIGOS wine is the delightful aromatic nose, refreshing taste and bone-dry character which complements most current food trends.

Romano Brands Fine Wines will be the exclusive United States importer of 2 AMIGOS and will actively be seeking distributors for 2 AMIGOS Albariño.  Wine shops and restaurants interested in sampling 2 AMIGOS should contact Romano Brands at 516 681-5159 or email at  Consumers should ask their favorite wine provider for 2 AMIGOS by name, accepting NO substitutes!

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