Tuscan winery of Simona and Adriano Ceccherini is located in the beautiful Massa Marittima zone of bella Toscana.

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Maremma, Tuscany is an ideal area to find happiness and inspiration to produce great wines.

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The Mediterranean climate is a genuine blessing. The Ceccherini winery in Tuscany boasts no secrets and no magic recipes. It’s the sea breeze that keeps the vineyards thriving. The generous land, rich with minerals are rigorously maintained under certified organic management, giving character and structure to the grapes. The land, with luscious forests and biodiversity, is the ideal place for vineyard.

Ceccherini 6In the vineyards, Ceccherini grow indigenous vine varieties such as Ciliegiolo and Pugnitello. They also grow some international vine varieties such as Syrah, which has found a home in Maremma for many years. The work’s mission in the wine cellar is to preserve the grapes’ innate aromas and flavors, making wine with ultimate elegance while maintaining the greatest respect for their individual characteristics. Never are any of their wines produced with force, but only following nature’s command is the rule.

The winery of Ceccherini produces Tuscan and Maremma wines for those who want a taste of the region. Each wine has its own story, with a rich meaning and authentic flavor.

The Wines:

“Terigi 1876” PUGNITELLO

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Ceccherini 3The Pugnitello grape gets its name from a historic Maremma vine variety, named for the form of its cluster that looks like a small fist.

Pugnitello is not only rare, its yields also are very low, so producers have to be dedicated to make the wine at all. A deep, full-bodied red with a big spicy perfume and a character reminiscent of Brunello or Vino Nobile, this is a wine to break out for a special evening. It’s a great bottle to bring out for friends who know and enjoy Italian wines.

This type of grape was rediscovered only twenty years ago in Maremma in collaboration with the University of Florence, and has been classified as an “autochthonous vine variety”.

Ceccherini Terigi Pugnitello LabelTERIGI is a legendary character from our own family, who lived here in the old house at the top of the hill. In this spot from our past, a vine variety has also found a place here tied to his memory. It has forever become his contemporary on the sunny Sassone hills of Maremma, and has been stubbornly capable of surviving just like our old relatives.

Confiente SYRAH – Maremma, Tuscany

Denominazione di origine controllata – DOC

confiente usa_2017CONFIENTE is the name of the brook that runs at the foot of the Syrah vineyard. We planted this vineyard on a hill of red earth that faces the sunrise. This variety comes from France but most probably originates from the Middle East.

The careful selection of materials, organic management, picking choice grapes on the selection table, natural wine making procedures without the use of any additives produces a wine that faithfully mirrors the northern and fresh characteristics of this intimate area of Maremma.

Big, bold, and beautiful!

Fontefossoli – Tuscan red

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Fontefossoli_USA_2017Fontefossoli is the original starting place of our family’s history. It represents the continuation of traditions that preserve the area’s unique tastes and flavors for food and wine.

Fontefossoli incorporates another indigenous Tuscan grape variety named Ciliegiolo.  

Ciliegiolo is characterized by a light and vivacious ruby red color and an intense and persistent bouquet with notes of blackberry, cherry, plum and a touch of black pepper. On the palate it is dry, warm and soft, thanks to the inobtrusive tannins and enveloping structure.

FONTEFOSSOLI is a wine to drink with daily meals shared by the family.

The specific qualities of this full-bodied, genuine wine make it the best choice to pair with traditional dishes from Maremma, Tuscany.  A must-try with your favorite dish as well!

Birbo Vermentino USABirboTuscan Vermentino

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Bright like the light that warms our stunning land of Maremma.

Fragrant, like the gentle flowers dispersing their fragrance after receiving the breathe of the  mistral winds from the nearby sea.

Ceecherini 7Particular wine, like the voice of the Ceccherini’s vineyard horse Birbo, a fun character that distinguish himself often which allows him admire his realm.

Birbo  is a true character and so is this Vermentino wine fondly and proudly named for this endeared vineyard horse.

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