iz4_r8iqDomain Joseph Mellot is recognized as the world’s benchmark of exceptional quality Sauvignon Blanc in over 40 countries around the world.  Producing fine wines from Sancerre, Domain Joseph Mellot is an ambassador for the finest Sancerre of the Loire Valley. This historic 500 year old family owned estate in Sancerre, has become a specialist in the production of Great Wines from Center Loire Valley thanks to its unrivaled know how.  Joseph Mellot wines express the quintessence of each of their terroirs.

Joseph Mellot Cuvée “Pierre Etienne” Sancerre



This original cuvée was crafted in honor of the founder of the Mellot dynasty, Pierre Etienne (1513) and his descendants. It is only vinified in limited editions (2000 bottles produced at most and only in great quality vintage years).

2-image_240x615This cuvée’s golden appearance is typical of barrel-aged wines. The nose starts off with aromas of citrus fruits (candied orange peel), and is underscored by spicy notes and a light smokiness, finishing with a hint of vanilla due to the wine’s barrel ageing. The palate reveals a similar complexity, giving this wine a delicious fullness and good aromatic length.

The bottle is a replica of a historical Sancerre bottle. The labels are reproductions of labels from the 1930s.  This is the absolute finest Sancerre available in the world. 

Available in a very deep punted, heavy-glass bottle. 

The benchmark for Sancerre!

Available exclusively through Romano Brands Fine Wines in the USA.





sancerre-signKnown for and distinguished by their high quality in more than 40 countries globally,  Joseph Mellot wines are the Ambassador for the Loire’s finest vintages.untitled

Under the leadership of Catherine Corbeau Mellot, the Estate is now committed to sustainable development using Sustainable Agricultural methods to cultivate its vines.

Joseph Mellot, a new century of family history 

For over 500 years, the name Mellot has been associated with the production of fine wines in Sancerre. Dating back to 1513, the Joseph Mellot family estate is today embracing the 21st century with the confidence gained from half a millennia of winemaking. Combining tradition and experience with insight and innovation, the Domain uses advances in science and technology to benefit the environment and improve the quality of its wines. Joseph Mellot was the first domain in the Central Loire Valley to obtain ISO 14001 certification and BRC A+ accreditation. Today all of its vineyards are cultivated according to the principles of sustainable agriculture.

Our different vineyards cover all of the appellations of the Central Loire Valley, each producing their wines in-house. This enables us to offer our customers the opportunity to discover the range and complexity of wines produced in the Central Loire Valley, benefiting from the diversity of terroirs and the quintessential characteristics of their grape varieties.

 A family history dating back to 1513

The Mellot family name has been associated with winemaking since 1513. César Mellot, who gained recognition as wine advisor to Louis XIV, was at the head of a long dynasty of passionate winemakers whose know-how has been passed down from generation to generation.

In the 1920s, Alphonse Mellot, Alexandre’s great grandfather, was the first Sancerre producer to exhibit his wines at the Foire de Paris. He went on to receive numerous medals at events in the wine and food industries. He later opened a wine warehouse in Paris’ “Halle aux Vins” in Bercy in order to develop sales in the capital. His two sons, Edmond and Joseph, took over from him in 1946.

In 1969, Edmond and Joseph Mellot divided up the Alphonse Mellot domain. Joseph Mellot took over the winery and gave it his name.

In the 1960s, Joseph Mellot was already exporting wines to Denmark, the Netherlands and Great Britain: from there on the domain’s reputation continued to grow.

In 1984, Joseph’s son, Alexandre, Catherine Corbeau Mellot’s husband, took over the family estate. Alexandre Mellot was a pioneer who believed in the huge potential of the wines of Sancerre and the Central vineyards of the Loire Valley. He expanded the vineyards, modernised the winery’s equipment and boosted export sales. He was joined in 1987 by his wife Catherine who took over the sales and marketing operations.

Currently, the size of the Domain Joseph Mellot allows excellent wines to be offered for export sales. Numerous restaurants and luxury establishments from Asia and America to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe feature Joseph Mellot’s wines. Served at some of the world’s finest tables, our wines have gained international renown.

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