Nestled within the gentle rolling, wind-swept hills of a small, quiet village in Provence is the world renowned vineyard of Maison Belle Claire.

Since 1924, this famous vineyard and Maison has been the quintessential grower of premium grapes used by some of the most prominent Provençal chateaux to produce the finest Rosé wines of France.

The gentle fragrances of lavender, cascading through the vineyards by the soft coastal mistrals, caress the sun-soaked vines with pure grace and elegance.

The grapes speak for themselves with every sip of the Rosé wine of Maison Belle Claire.

Luscious, delicate, appealing, and inviting, are just some descriptive notes of this precious nectar of Maison Belle Claire Rosé. Enjoy chilled and allow yourself to dream. Feel the desire. Embrace it.

So, give your heart and soul to me, and life will always be La Vie En Rose.

A Santé!

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