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Sancerre: Celebration of Saint-Vincent and the new vintage.

Saint-Vincent is the traditional patron Saint of wine-growers.  The celebration of St. Vincent Day happened in Sancerre last week.

It is a tradition in the Sancerre which begins with a great Mass in the presence of the Bishop of Bourges. He blessed the winegrowers to protect them and help them in their task.

It was a great celebration offered by the beloved local Bishop, because this year had the exceptional assembly of all the “bâtonniers” from the thirteen Sancerre villages.

The “bâtonnier” is a member of the Saint-Vincent Fellowship who is honored to carry its staff and offers the new vintage wine to the guests. This year, the lead “bâtonnier” for the Saint-Vincent Fellowship was Catherine Corbeau MELLOT for the Domaine Joseph Mellot.

To be the featured bâtonnier is very prestigious and remains an extreme honor by all the wine producers in Sancerre.  This year has been so much more important due to the difficult vintage last year and the shortage of Sancerre.

Domain Joseph Mellot produces the world famous Cuvee Pierre Etienne Sancerre which remains the benchmark of the finest quality available in the world.

See Catherine Mellot as the honorable “bâtonnier”


Cooking the perfect steak and matching it to Rocca Wines of Napa Valley

Would you like to taste the wine?

Would you like to taste the wine?

When I go to a restaurant, I usually order wine, preferably a full bottle.  When the wine is finally opened and presented, the vast amount of wait-staff personnel will ask prior to serving: “Would you like to taste the wine?”  There is a much preferred way to present the wine by the waitperson.

serving-wine-2The person, who is going to initially review the wine that will be served to the other people at the table, should first smell the empty wine glass for foul aromas, possibly left by soap or poor glass storage.  If all is acceptable with the empty glass neutral aroma, the waitperson should then pour a small amount into the glass and follow with the question: “Does the wine meet your approval for serving?”

The person reviewing the wine should not just taste the wine to ascertain if he or she merely enjoys the taste. The person reviewing the wine should first determine if the wine is corked or not.  This is accomplished by smelling the wine in the glass.

Corked? A corked wine gives off a smell that is similar to wet cardboard, a moldy basement, a wet newspaper or a wet dog. When you taste the wine, a typical corked wine-taste will be “off” and not exciting, exhibiting no fruit characteristics. Some people also find that a corked wine can taste astringent and tingles their tongue.


A few other hospitable responsibilities of the person who is reviewing the wine should be to look at the wine’s color, and if the wine was age-worthy for acceptable serving to the other guests.  Color can sometimes be deceptive.  A brownish red could show premature age due to poor wine storage, usually from a heated storage area.  Is the wine evident of sediment or tartrates (wine diamonds) in the glass?  Perhaps the bottle should be decanted, especially if it is a bit older.

Ok – let’s say the wine is acceptable. Now is when the waitperson should be directed to pour wine. The waitperson (if properly trained) should remember the golden rule of ladies first, beginning to the left of the host, followed by serving the gentlemen; but never should the first glass be poured to the host.

Restaurants could benefit from the advice and expertise of a good wine purveyor who is trained in wine service, possibly as a sommelier.  The subtleties of proper wine service are at the least subliminal, but more often it is most appreciated by the restaurants’ guests.  A good salesperson should have the proper knowledge of restaurant wine service and be willing to offer his or her assistance in training the client-restaurant’s staff in proper wine service.  Even the most casual restaurants are far better recognized by their customers with proper wine service.

Please contact Michael Romano at Romano Brands Fine Wines for any questions on commercial/home wine service or any wine pairing concerns you might have, please call us at (646) 948-1100.


Bubbles, and more bubbles! Make mine BORTOLIN Prosecco DOCG!

Life is too short!  Enjoy the BEST! ~ BORTOLIN Prosecceo DOCG ~

Not all Prosecco producers make Prosecco the same!
They are not all the same in taste, quality, nor tradition. They are not all designated DOCG  (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita is the highest classification for Italian wines. It denotes controlled (controllata) production methods and guaranteed (garantita) wine quality.)

They do not all come from the prized area of Valdobbiadene.
We are proud to be appointed the exclusive importer 
of Italy’s finest produced ultra-premium Prosecco
Fratelli  BORTOLIN Prosecco di Valdobbiadene DOCG


Prosecco is both the name of an Italian grape variety, as well as the name of the wine made from these clusters of light green berries that hang on precipitously steep hillsides north of Venice and the city of Treviso.

cartizze-bottleBORTOLIN “Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze”
This is truly the inimitable embodiment of life’s beautiful moments. The intensity of its color signals the complexity of the ample and inviting aromas that are to follow: from apple to pear, from apricot to citrus fruit, to rose, with a pleasant note of glazed almonds on the aftertaste. Produced almost exclusively in its Dry version  this sparkling wine makes a good companion to traditional desserts, from short pastries to fruit tarts, to sweetened ‘focaccia’ (type of flat soft bread). Cartizze adds to every well-wishing toast and makes every ceremony more festive.

Cartizze Zone
This particularly prestigious type of Prosecco is made in the zone of “Cartizze”, a small delimited area described in the Disciplinary Rules as the 104 hectares (approx. 262 acres) of vineyards lying between the steepest hills of San Pietro di Barbozza, Santo Stefano and Saccol in the community of Valdobbiadene. This zone is a real and true “cru” (vineyard or area of vineyards of a single vine variety) born of the perfect combination of a gentle microclimate and quite various soil, with moraines, sandstones and clays, which allows for rapid drainage of rainwater and, at the same time, maintains a constant reserve of water so that the vines can grow and develop in a balanced way.  Always limited in availability.

bortolin-proseccoBortolin “Brut”

This is the most modern of the Prosecco wines and it has had great international success.
It is characterized by richer aromas of citrus and fresh grape aromas with pleasant hints of bread crust showing through, coming together on the palate with an exquisite  energy.

Its outstanding quality ensures a persistent taste which is clean on the palate, making
this the sparkling wine par excellence for the table. It  goes well with simple or elaborate fish and vegetables hors d’oeuvres, first courses of sea foods and baked fish, or, as is the custom in its production zone, enjoyed throughout the entire meal.

Italys’ VALENTINA wines are the popular choice of NYC restaurants!


Valentina wines remain the choice of many premium NYC restaurants.

Produced in Italy, Valentina Pinot Grigio and Montalpulciano d’Abbruzzo are available in cork-finished 750ml. and 1.5 liter sizes.  Aggressively priced for profitability for the resellers.  Price-approachable for everyday enjoyment by consumers too.

So for distributors seeking an aggressively priced wine line for fast-track sales, Tenuta de Valentina wines should be your choice.

Or a restaurant looking for a great tasting wine representative of superior quality while offering strong profitability, Valentina wines should be your choice.

Perhaps a wine shop that desires a price-edged line of Italian red and white wine to gain additional customers, Valentina wines are most idea.

Contact Romano Brands Fine Wines today to be part of the Valentina team!

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Matching the perfect steak with Napa Valley’s Rocca Family Vineyard Wines !

Pouring lots of Rocca Family Vineyards red wines with the lovely Pamela Morgan of “Flirting With Flavors”.  Her amazing wagyu steak and brown butter, herb seasoned steak was matched perfectly with these gem wines of Rocca Family Vineyards of Napa Valley.

Please enjoy this video of Pamela Morgan and Michael Romano cooking together,  grilling the perfect steak, matched with the fantastic wines of Rocca Family Vineyards from Napa Valley.

The famed wine writer and critic Robert Parker has touted Rocca Tesorina Cabernet Sauvignon with a whopping 96 point score, and the Rocca Grigsby Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon with another huge 95 point score.

These wines are limitedly produced and are targeted for sales to the best restaurants, finest wine shops, and the most discriminating of palates.   Get them when you can.  Call me for assistance at (646) 948-1100




Rocca Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

Not all Prosecco producers make Prosecco the same!