Belleclaire Prestige Rosé by Maison Belle Claire–Côtes de Provence


INTRODUCTION:  Belleclaire Prestige is a luxurious, refined and balanced Rosé wine from the best Côtes de Provence soils of France.

GRAPE VARIETIES: Hand harvested,berry-select Grenache & Cinsault.

LOCAL SOILS: Belleclaire Prestige finds it’s sophistication through a very blend of local soils from the villages of Cotignac and Flayosc. The former is mostly comprised of clay and limestone, the later of sandstone. Together they offer a subtle and tasty union. The vines are more than 20 years old and offer their best, thanks to the sun, the moon, and the stars from the region.

VINIFICATION: Grapes are harvested mechanically very early in the night allowing for low temperatures enabling this pale colour for the nectar. A short, skin maceration is performed prior to pressing. The fermentation is temperature controlled and the malolactic fermentation is blocked. The vinification process is then achieved traditionally in stainless steel tanks still under controlled low temperature.

TASTING NOTES: Belleclaire Prestige reveals it’s pretty pale rose color, with silver and grey reflections in perfect accordance with soft over-toned shades. The fine local soils generate a subtle nose, elegant and balanced, revealing white fruit with gentle floral hints. The mouth attack is silky and delicate. The length on the palate extends on peach notes dusted by peppery aromas.

SERVICE: Serve fresh between 38 and 45°F.

FOOD MATCHING: Ideal as an aperitif, this very fine rose wine will perfectly enhance subtle and refined dishes as scallops, and sunny Summer salads.


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