Romano Brands Fine Wines is committed to discovering the fines hand-crafted wines Spain has to offer.  We will be bring you some very special offerings from the finest area of Spanish wine-making.

Spain is an ancient wine-producing country that vies with France and Italy as the number-one wine producer in the world. Spain’s wine heritage is at least three thousand years old; vineyards in today’s Sherry region were planted by the Phoenicians around 1,100 BC. Wines from vines grown along the sunny Mediterranean coast and the cooler Atlantic coast were traded and consumed by the Romans.

Spanish wine has kept pace by generating an explosion of new wines, wineries, brands, and regions – these developments are unprecedented in vinous history. While wine has underpinned commerce and nutrition in Spain for thousands of years, what we are seeing today is something that no other country has ever experienced: a compressed revolution in which pedestrian, paint-by-numbers wine is developed into great art. It’s as if the last century of wine development in the most successful wine-producing countries has been achieved in only a few short years.

All of Spain is waiting for your discovery, one delicious glass at a time.

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