2 AMIGOS brand of Albariño is the story of two explorers, two world travelers and two great friends. This is the story of a journey…that thirty years of friendship made this project possible.

2 friendsDuring all this time, these best of friends, Henri and Rob, have shared all types of personal and professional experiences, projects, and many successes that have left their mark.

All of this has made them, and their friendship, what it is today. They wanted their 2 AMIGOS Albariño wine to stand out for its great quality and naturalness. They have taken advantage of the land that has been in their families for more than 300 years, remaining very conscious of the gift nature that has provided them the location of their vines, which together with the knowledge and experienced handed down, generation to generation of wine makers, has truly made 2 AMIGOS a wine treasure.

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2 AMIGOS Albariño of the famed Rías Baixas appellation, can justifiably boast of their richness; not just because of the aromas and flavors that they exhibit but also through the sensations and images they conjure up. They are wines full of evocation, recalling on the one hand the character of the Atlantic climate and its unique land, and on the other, an unforgettable collection of happy moments you had enjoying them.

Rías Baixas is a Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) (Denominación de Orixe in Galician) for wines located in the province of Pontevedra and the south of the province of Corunna in the autonomous community of Galicia, Spain. It is renowned for its white wines made from the Albariño grape variety.

Rias Baixas is pronounced Ree-ass By-shass.


2 AMIGOS Albariño is now available for the Unites States markets through the Romano Brands / Famiglia Imports USA company, based in New York, USA.  Interested national and international wholesalers outside of metro New York should contact Romano Brands at (516) 681-5159 for additional distribution information.

Above you will see 2 AMIGOS Albariño getting ready in their state-of-the-art facilities for another shipment to the United States for Galicia, Spain and the area of Rias Baixas.


The home of 2 AMIGOS Albariño in the Rías Baixas appellation (La Denominación de Origen Rías Baixas) is a small wine-growing area in north-west Spain, in the region of Galicia. While Rías Baixas has long had a strong wine-growing tradition, passed down from generation to generation, it was only in 1988, with the setting up of the Rías Baixas Wine Regulating Council, that the wine-growing sector began to play a fundamental part in the development of the region’s economy. One of the key factors in its success has been the decision to continue growing the region’s indigenous grape varieties, in particular Albariño, which cope so well with the challenging local climate and impart genuine quality and a sense of place to wines that have a distinctly Atlantic character.

Largely made up of a patchwork of micro-plots of vines, typical of Galicia, the appellation currently covers a surface area of 4,061 hectares (10,030 acres), divided up into more than 21,825 plots of vines. 2 AMIGOS Albariño benefits from the manual skills and expertise of the area’s 5,500 and more vine growers, where traditional Galician vine-growing has been maintained, where the vines are still trained on pergolas, a growing system which requires pruning and harvesting work to be done totally by hand.

Tasting 2 AMIGOS Albariño displays fresh aromas of white peaches, apricots, while citrus and jasmine still prevail in a dry, lively, fruity place with a mineral finish of firm acidity.

Each bottle of 2 AMIGOS exemplifies the history of several generations – the stories, memories, anecdotes, traditions that pass from grandparents to grandchildren as well as the secrets that the wine storage barrels maintain after the passage of time. The origins, experience and vitality with which, to this day, continues to extract the most out of the fruits of the Galician land, lending 2 AMIGOS it’s unique, delightful flavor and character.

2 AMIGOS Albariño is an ideal wine to turn any afternoon after work into a perfect evening. Perfect if accompanied by a young white cheese that will bring out great flavors and 2 AMIGOS is the best choice in white wine with fish and seafood, raw or cooked.

2 AMIGOS Albariño is a delicious wine that should be drunk very cold, which is also very suitable with white meat dishes thanks to its firm acidity.

Enjoy 2 AMIGOS Albariño in it’s younger years, however, please note that this wine can age pleasantly for an additional five years thereafter with proper cellaring.

2 AMIGOS Albariño should be enjoyed with family, friends and lovers.

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Fall in love with 2 AMIGOS Albariño!

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Ask for it by name and accept no substitutions – not all Albariño wines are the same.

2 AMIGOS Albariño is your finest quality Albariño!


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